In the context of the treatment provided at Quality Care Sports Injury and Rehab, there is no difference between the treatments you will receive from either profession. The basic difference between the professions of Athletic Therapy and Physiotherapy is reflected in the training and the scope of practice.

Athletic Therapy and Physiotherapy are two distinct professional designations. Clients should check with their extended health care plans to see what professional designations are covered.

The formal education of the Athletic Therapist is entirely in the area of assessment and rehabilitation of orthopaedic injuries and conditions that affect the muscles bones and joints of the body. That training is augmented with injury prevention, supportive taping, and emergency care for on field work with teams. Their formal training also includes exercise physiology to retrain athletes to pre-injury performance levels.

The Physiotherapist has a wider scope of practice in their formal education which includes orthopaedics, cardio-respiratory rehab, burn patients, pediatrics, geriatrics, stroke rehab, and rehabilitation for neurological diseases. Typically, a physiotherapist will take continuing education courses to expand on an area of interest once they graduate and focus their attention in one area within their scope of practice.